Rogersville Historic Preservation

Rogersville Main Street Program works with local residents, community groups, and government agencies to preserve and restore buildings, improve the economic structure, and revitalize Rogersville’s historic town center.

Local Historic Preservation Partners:

The Rogersville/Hawkins County Chamber of Commerce hosts the Main Street Program. Chamber Director, Nancy Barker has acted as Director of the Main Street Program while in the developmental stages. A permanent director will be hired in 2009 and thereafter, Nancy and the Chamber will continue to have an active role.

The Rogersville Heritage Association is an important, vital community group that focuses on the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and historic areas in Rogersville. They provide heritage education and and encourage an improved quality of life that values and celebrates the history and uniqueness of Rogersville. Patricia Humbert of the Heritage Association is President of Rogersville Main Street’s Board of Directors, providing experience, leadership, and invaluable knowledge.

The Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities (APTA) is the oldest statewide nonprofit historic preservation organization in the State of Tennessee and has been involved with the development of Rogersville’s Main Street Program from its inception.

The Town of Rogersville and Hawkins County Government have been instrumental in providing guidance and funding for individual and ongoing projects. Several representatives have volunteered to act as members of the Main Street Program Board of Directors.